Mulla and the Servant


Mulla Nasruddin and the servant shared the rich man’s money when he was caught riding away on his donkey. The servant said to Mulla, “I’ll pretend that we had never met at all.” “Yes, if you continue like this, one day you will become like Mulla Nasruddin,” said Mulla. “Who? Mulla Nasruddin! How do you know him? Do you know any of the members his family?” asked the servant. “I am a distant cousin of his. We grew up together.” Hearing this, Mulla realised that the servant was a spy. The Amir’s spies were always searching for him. So, he decided to keep his mouth shut. “Tell me if you know anything about him. I would love to meet him,” said the servant. But Mulla did not respond. At this, the clever servant said, “Oh! The foolish Amir knows nothing of administration.” Mulla still kept quiet, thinking, ‘I must watch my tongue!’ Angry at this, the servant went away.

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