Mulla and the Mayor


One day, the mayor wrote a poem and read it out to Mulla Nasruddin. Once he concluded it, he asked, “Did you like the poem?” “No,” Mulla replied, “it wasn’t very good.” The mayor was angry, and he sentenced Mulla to three days in jail. The next week, the mayor called Mulla in his office to read out another poem he had written. When the mayor finished reading, he asked Mulla, “What do you think of this one?” Mulla did not say anything, and immediately began walking away. The mayor enquired, “Where do you think you’re going?” “To jail!” Mulla replied. The mayor started laughing and apologised to Mulla. The next day, Mulla went hunting with the mayor. Seeing a turkey, the mayor shot but missed it. “Bravo!” Mulla shouted. The mayor angrily said, “How dare you make fun of me?” “I wasn’t making fun of you,” Mulla replied, “I was saying bravo to the turkey!” The mayor couldn’t help but laugh.

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