Meng Jiang


Long ago, at the time of China’s First Emperor, a young lady named Meng Jiang was married to a handsome young man who lived in her neighbourhood. Soon, the government officials announced that the young men in the village had to leave home to build the Great Wall. So, Meng Jiang’s husband left home to build the wall. Meng Jiang knew how dangerous it was to build the Great Wall. She prayed for her husband every day.

Weeks turned into months and months into years, but Meng Jiang heard nothing from her husband and she missed him badly. One night, she dreamt of her husband. In the dream, she saw that her husband looked gaunt and he shivered dreadfully in the cold wind. He called out to his wife for help. So, next morning, Meng Jiang decided to travel to the construction site of the Great Wall to meet her husband and give him some warm clothes.

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