Meng Jiang and the Emperor


The collapse and the thunderous noise of the Great Wall disturbed Qing-shi-huang, the Emperor. The Emperor came and saw Meng Jiang. At first, he was furious but he was fascinated by her beauty. So, instead of punishing her, he took her to be his mistress. Meng Jiang agreed to marry the Emperor on three conditions. First, the Emperor should arrange a grand funeral for her husband and bury him properly.

Second, her late husband should be given a posthumous title of a high official. Third, a high platform should be built on the sea near the Great Wall, where she could make a sacrificial offering to her husband. Unwillingly, the Emperor granted the widow’s three requests. But when Meng Jiang got her third wish and stood at the top of the platform, she began to scold the Emperor for his tyranny. Then, she jumped into the sea.

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