Lymphatic (Lymph) Duct and Bone Marrow


A lymph duct collects lymph from various tissues and then moves it to the blood vessels. There are two lymph ducts in the body: thoracic (left lymphatic duct) and right lymphatic duct. The thoracic duct moves along the abdomen to the neck. It collects lymph from the digestive tract. The right lymphatic duct (a smaller vessel) collects lymph from the right upper limb, right side of thorax and right halves of the head and the neck.

The bone marrow is a red or yellow soft, spongy, fatty tissue present inside the bones. It is also called the myeloid tissue. The extent to which the red blood cells are present in the bone marrow decides the colour of the marrow. If the marrow has prevalent fat tissues then it appears yellow in colour. The lymphocytes are produced in the marrow, but they reach their mature form in the lymphoid organs.

Lymphocytes :They are a form of white blood cells that are small in size.

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