Loyalty to Brothers


Mulla Nasruddin was returning to his home town Bukhara after many years. When he reached the city gates with his donkey, he saw that they were closed even before sunset. “The soldiers have declared it to be evening so that they may take bribes from people to let them into the city,” Mulla said to his donkey. As the soldiers laughed mockingly at the crowd outside the gates, Mulla spoke loudly, “Tell me, donkey! Do you also think that it is evening?” The donkey nodded its head in agreement. As the soldiers and the crowd watched in amusement, Mulla bowed before his donkey. A man from the crowd asked Mulla, “Why do you bow before your donkey?” “For showing loyalty to his brothers!” said Mulla. Suddenly, the leader of the soldiers stopped laughing and shouted, “Catch that man! He is indirectly calling us donkeys!” When the soldiers looked around, Mulla and his donkey had fled from there.

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