Lord Krishna Leaves for His Heavenly Abode

Lord Krishna was very sad and sat under a tree to meditate. A hunter, passing by, saw his yellow clothes and mistook him to be a deer. He shot an arrow made from the iron rod. The arrow entered the sole of Krishna’s feet. Finally, Krishna left for His heavenly abode. Arjun came to Dwarka, as it was Lord Krishna’s wish that the Pandavas should take of the Yadava women and children. Arjun took them to Hastinapur. As soon as they left, the sea engulfed Dwarka. Some robbers attacked Arjun’s party on the way. They took the women and wealth away. Arjun’s powers of archery and the knowledge of weapons failed him. In despair, he went back to Yudhishthira and told him everything. After Lord Krishna had left, the Pandavas lost interest in the worldly matters. They crowned Arjun’s grandson, Parikshit (son of Abhimanyu), and left on a pilgrimage. When Lord Krishna left the earth, this marked the beginning of the Kaliyug age.

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