Little Red Riding Hood |Enchanted Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, there lived a pretty little girl in a village. She was loved by all. She always wore a red riding hood. So, everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood.

“Riding Hood,” called her mother, one morning. She gave her a basket of cakes and said, “Dear, your Grandma is ill. Take this basket to her cottage. But listen, don’t talk to strangers on the way.”

Little Red Riding Hood took the basket and kissed her mother ‘goodbye’. She skipped off singing along the direction of her grandmother’s home, who lived in another village.

As she was passing through the woods, Little Red Riding Hood noticed beautiful flowers and picked a few of them. Forgetting her mother’s warning, she laid her basket on the ground and started eating strawberries.

Suddenly, a scary Big Bad Wolf came in her way. He went up to her and asked politely, “Where are you going, my pretty girl?” The little girl said, “I am going to see my Grandma who lives near the river.”

The cunning wolf made an evil plan. “Why don’t you collect some flowers for your Grandma? There are many scented flowers.” “That’s an awesome idea,” said the little girl.

Red Riding Hood started wandering and went deeper into the woods to collect flowers. Meanwhile, the wolf took a shortcut and ran to Grandma’s cottage.

The wolf knocked at the door: tap, tap. “Who’s there?” cried Grandma from her bed. “It’s I, Little Red Riding
Hood. I’ve brought you some cakes,” replied the wolf. “Lift the latch and come in,” stated Grandma happily.

Without any delay, he leapt across the room and in a single pounce swallowed her. “Delicious Grandma.” He then wore Grandma’s clothes and glasses. He got into her bed waiting for Little Red Riding Hood

A while later, Little Red Riding Hood reached the cottage. She called out, “Grandma, open the door!” The clever wolf said in grandma’s voice, “Come in dear. The door is open!”

Little Red Riding Hood entered in and sat next to Grandma. The little girl exclaimed, “What big eyes you have, Grandma!” The wolf replied, “All the better to see you with them!”

Then, Little Red Riding Hood exclaimed, “What a big mouth you have!” The hungry wolf replied, “All the better to eat you with!” Saying this, he jumped out of the bed and swallowed her up too.

The wolf lay down again on the bed and dozed off. A hunter who was passing by heard loud snores. Surprised, he went in and saw the wolf and thought, ‘I think the wolf has eaten Grandma. She might still be saved!’

The hunter took a pair of scissors and cut open the wolf’s stomach. And to his amazement, out came Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma! Then, they quickly fetched stones and filled the wolf’s belly. The hunter sewed it up quickly.

After a while, the wolf woke up and left the house. He climbed up the hill but lost his balance. He rolled down the hill and that was the end of the bad wolf!

Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma thanked the hunter for saving their lives. Little Red Riding Hood promised never to talk to strangers again. The three of them enjoyed the cakes.

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