King Subala’s Last Wish

Before dying, King Subala told Shakuni to make use of his thigh bone and create a powerful magic dice which spins the requested number. He wanted the dice to be the reason for the downfall of Dhritrashtra and the Kauravas. Shakuni did as he was told and created a dice that contained the ashes of his father’s bones. As promised, he became the guardian of a hundred Kaurava sons. He gained their confidence and instilled wicked thoughts into their minds. He became close to Duryodhan and embarked on his evil plan of revenge against the Kauravas. Shakuni provoked Duryodhan, “Yudhishthir loves the dice game, although he doesn’t know how to play. Ask him to gamble with me as there is no gambler who is my equal in the three worlds. I will put him to shame and win his kingdom for you.” Shakuni turned Duryodhan against the Pandavas to initiate a war and bring an end to the Kauravas as per his father’s last wish.

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