King Shibi

King Shibi of the Bharata dynasty was renowned for truth, justice, and for keeping his word, especially to those who sought shelter with him. One day, the gods decided to test him. Agni, the god of fire, took the form of a dove and Indra, the king of gods, that of an eagle. The dove sought his protection, as Shibi always protected the weak. The eagle flew in demanding the release of the dove. He was hungry and the dove was his prey, his food. Shibi realized that the eagle was also right. It demanded meat equal to the dove’s weight. Shibi agreed to give it from his own body, and to the condition that no tear would drop from his eyes. The king cut meat from his body and weighed it against the dove. He had cut the right side of his body and began on the left. The gods appeared in their real forms. Shibi had passed the test!

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