Kansa is Killed

Lord Krishna and Balarama now approached evil Kansa, the demon-king, as he sat away from the arena in his palace. Kansa saw them and fearfully ordered his guards, “Tie both the brothers in iron chains and put them in the prison.” The prophecy that Lord Krishna would kill the monstrous and ruthless demon-king was about to come true. Before anyone could move a muscle, Lord Krishna jumped off the arena and caught hold of Kansa by the hair. Then, He hurled Kansa who fell senseless to the ground due to the impact. As everyone watched awe-struck, Kansa breathed his last at Lord Krishna’s feet. Kansa’s brother Sumali tried to kill Lord Krishna. Balarama destroyed Sumali in a trice. With this, the reign of demon-king Kansa came to an end in Mathura. All of Mathura rejoiced at the death of the demon-king. Lord Krishna met his parents Vasudeva and Devaki. Nanda and Yashoda also came to Mathura to join in the celebrations.

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