Jungle satyagraha

Keshavarao was a person who involved himself in any movement he thought was in the interest of the country. He had a brain wave that Jungle Satyagraha would immensely prove helpful to the cause of the country.
So, with Bapuji Ane he began the Jungle Satyagraha. He held a meeting of the workers of RSS and revealed the importance of the campaign. And he explained the aims and objectives of the move.
After a thorough planning he set out with RSS workers from Nagpur. At the railway station thousands of supporters from the public were there to see them off.
As the train arrived Keshavarao and his workers boarded it as the supporters cheered them lustily.
The train stopped at Murtazapur railway station where several local Rss workers came to welcome the party.
Keshavarao told them, “What will you do here sitting in your home? The better idea would be to come with us.”
The workers zestfully accepted the offer. They bought tickets and got on the train. The party got off at Yavatmal.
Keshavarao led the workers to the nearby forest.
There, on 22nd July, 1930 he began his ‘Satyagraha’ along with his workers. In the rest of the country Gandhiji led ‘Non-cooperation Movement’ and ‘Satyagraha’ was on.
So, the British government was very touchy to Satyagraha business. The police arrived in the jungle and Keshavarao was arrested along with his workers.
He was tried in the court and nine month sentence was awarded to him. He was sent to Akola Jail.
His arrival in Akola jail changed the atmosphere there.
His friendly nature won the hearts of the fellow prisoners and the jail authorities plus the employees.
When Vidarbha RSS workers learnt that their idol Keshavarao Hedgewar was in Akola jail they were very pleased. They managed to get arrested and sent to that jail. As a result Akola jail became a camp of RSS workers to the chagrin of the authorities.
There were a lot of new people in the jail whom he introduced to the ideology of RSS. A stream of visitors also came there every day who too were exposed to the thoughts of Keshavarao.
Most of the prisoners became RSS workers after coming out of jail.
Keshavarao was released from the prison on 14th February, 1930. He went back to Nagpur and again busied in the RSS activities.
Once differences arose between two groups of RSS members. It took a serious turn and the entire organisation got divided in two sections. One of the sections stopped attending the daily meeting (Shakha).
The other faction rejoiced considering it its victory.
The division of RSS greatly dismayed its founder Keshavarao. He made all efforts to bring peace between the two groups. His attempt succeeded and the organisaton again started functioning as an unified body.
One day Keshavarao spoke at the meet of RSS workers. He said—
‘My dear RSS workers, we must learn from our history. Whenever we quarrelled among ourselves and fell apart, our society and the nation suffered. We created RSS for the purpose of social unification and not for division. I request my brothers to give up the personal egos and minor differences or we shall get destroyed. We must resolve not to fight with each other. Stopping to attend the shakhas or dividing the organisation is no matter of wisdom. The sensible thing is that we try to understand one another. Respect each other’s views. The organisation is not a property of any individual. It belongs to us all. All have equal right over it. It belongs to entire nation and society. We must not leave it till death. When I heard about your quarrel it greatly shocked me. I kept worrying the whole night. When I fell asleep a dream took me back into the past. We all were in a fort. It was warlike situation. The enemy launched attack on us. The cannon shells hit the fort walls. The loosened stones fell inside the fort. Somehow we repaired the wall. Our commander said that we feared no outside attack. The wall must fall inside and not outwards. We shall deal with the enemy. At that point I woke up. That dream is a lesson for us. Any number of attacks by outsiders on RSS will not hurt us if we insiders are unified and committed to the organisation. There lies our interest and the country’s.”

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