Joints and Ligament

A joint is the place where two bones meet or the point where the bones meet the cartilage. The bones are held together at the joint by ligaments. Joints allow us to twist, turn and move our rigid skeleton. The movement of the joint is facilitated by the adjoining muscles. These muscles exert a certain degree of force on these joints which, in turn, result in a particular type of movement. There are three major classes of joints: fibrous, cartilaginous and synovial.

A ligament is the tough band of fibrous connective tissues which provides a link to connect one bone to the other bone and form a joint. So, it can be stated that the bones are held together with the help of a ligament at the joints. A ligament provides elasticity as well as toughness to the joints. It is composed of two types of fibres: collagenous fibres and fibrocytes. Ligaments are of two types: white and yellow.

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