Jayadratha Seeks Revenge

Jayadratha left the ashrama seething with anger and humiliation. He had lost his soldiers. His head was shaven leaving five tufts. How would he explain this to his wife and her family? He could not return to Hastinapura or to his own palace till his hair grew back. He forgot that he was himself responsible for his plight. Reaching Gangadwar, he decided to meditate upon Lord Shiva and seek a boon from him to avenge his humiliation. His meditation was sincere and deep. Pleased with it, Lord Shiva appeared before him to grant a boon. Jayadratha asked that he wanted to defeat the five Pandavas and their soldiers in a battle. Lord Shiva told him that he had already given the Pashupatastra to Arjuna. Besides, they couldn’t be defeated, supported by Krishna. So, Jayadratha could resist the four other Pandava brothers for one day during the battle. Jayadratha had to be satisfied with this and returned to his own palace.

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