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In today’s world modernisation of traditional business is taking place. With this, many new fields are opening up, and so there are opportunities for new jobs. One such career is “Heritage Management”. During the course, study is been done regarding the maintenance of different valuable historical properties. Heritage Management is an attractive career for those young people who have interest in Tourism and Art. Indian environment has always been the centre of attraction for foreign tourists. Attractive climate, nature, heritage, and historical background of this country attracts foreigners. Tourists are overwhelmed to see excellent monuments of Khajuraho, Sun temple of Konark, Wall paintings of Ajanta and Elora, architecture of Taj Mahal and Red Fort. Due to natural shocks, increase in pollution and carelessness in taking care of these valuable properties, there is a danger to their very existence.

During the Heritage Management course they educate students for the protection of these valuable ancient properties. Cultural Management Institution, New Delhi offers a Graduate Diploma Course in Heritage Management. The duration of this course is one year and the minimum academic qualification required is graduate in history, chemistry, etc. Candidates who are graduate from engineering faculty or people who have received training in architecture or in town planning are also eligible for this course. Those young men and women who are already engaged in the sphere of Heritage Management or have a little bit experience in this field were given preference while selection.
Candidates working in Indian Ancient Archeology Protection Department in technical institutions like I.I.T were given concession for admission in this course. People associated with traditional art like “Satpathi” are also considered capable for admission but it is essential that they should have at least 5 year working experience. Heritage Management course is divided into 3 semesters. In this there is a foundation course of 4 weeks. During this course one is taught about Indian History, Culture, Social Arrangement, etc. In the first and second semester training is given about how to take care of historical heritage and its management. Third semester is based on the better relations with society.
Those young men and women seriously interested in taking Heritage Management as a career can contact:
Heritage Management Cultural Investigation and Training Centre, New Delhi.

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