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From the beginning Astrology has been a mysterious subject. Astrology and Sanskrit language are as ancient as our holy scriptures and culture. Astrology is the India’s most ancient science. All over the world Indian astrologers and astronomical scientist are famous for their talent. Arya Bhatt, Varaha Mihir, Bhaskar etc., have been important names of Astrology. Astrology is recognised in every era by an ordinary person to kings and emperors.
Today Astrology has been established as a full fledged career. With respect to inner belief in life and penetration of faith, the Astrology has an important role to play. This is one science which gives strength and new hopes to tense and hapless people. Now western countries have also starting accepting the authenticity of Astrology. Even highly educated people have also started believing that astrology is not mere superstition and affectedness. One can give right direction and hope to a “person surrounded with his problem” by studying his horoscope accurately. People associated with astrology says Astrology is not only a science but a great science. The way a doctor, after examining the body can tell about the disease and ways to get out from it, similarly a capable and experienced astrologer proves to be helpful in solving the problems of a hopeless person.

Actually Astrology is a numerology, which estimates the position of Planets and Stars. Astrologer gives information about the effect on human beings. Realizing the importance of Astrology, many universities are offering different courses. There was a time when Astrology was seen as a useful business for a specific class but at present, any trained youth can become a successful Astrologer.
According to Astrologers, it is a science which can predict about a person born within a specific time as to what he will be in his future life? Astrology is evident study of past, future and present on the basis of horoscope. With this one can be warned about any unwanted situations and ill-effects of planets can be reduced. With the correct study of horoscope, the possibilities of showing right path increases several times.
Today in every field computer has become popular and Astrology is also not lagging behind. As a result, the calenders and horoscopes made through computers are becoming popular now-a-days. With the use of computer, one can easily get information about the direction of planets and asterism and there actual speed. For prediction, new machines and apparatus are in fashion. As compared to past, today it has proved to be a more convenient and honourable profession.
Astrology is a good field as a career and there is no scarcity of name, fame and money. Candidates who are interested in taking Astrology as a career can take admission in many recognised universities which are offering certificate course, diploma course and degree courses. The standard of these courses may vary from normal to high. By joining high level degrees like graduate, post graduate, Ph.D., D.Lit. apart from technical courses one can be a renowned Astrologer.
Trained people in astrology can be appointed as Pandits and at different positions in other departments. Under technical course of astrology, study is being done on astrology principal, its history, birth time assessment, ayurveda, celestial study, meteorology, vision, assessing auspicious time and dates, etc.
Today the Sanskrit faculty of various Universities in the country are offering many courses related to Astrology. Many universities award degrees at graduate, post graduates and Ph.D levels. They are also offering certificate course in Astrology. Minimum eligibility for admission in these courses in Astrology is graduation. In the field of Astrology there are infinite possibilities for a successful career. Those people who are comparatively more successful, are sensitive, introvert, and of high intellect, Astrology is the right career to choose.
Major Training Institutes

  • Bhartiya Jyotish Vidya Parisar, Lucknow (U.P.)
  • Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi (U.P.)
  • Kameshwar Singh Darbhangea Sanskrit University, Darbhanga (Bihar)
  • Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Tirupati
  • Sampurnanand University, Varanasi (U.P.)
  • Astro Research India Multiversity-New Delhi
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