Greed is a Curse


The fish asked the old man to put the fishing rod into the lake. After a few minutes, he would get the golden rope. The old man did the same. In a few minutes, when he pulled up the fishing rod, he saw a golden rope attached to the fishing line. ‘The golden rope must be very long,’ he thought. He was overjoyed and he continued pulling the golden rope. The fish, now, asked him to let her go as the man had already got his rope.

“No, I won’t let you go. I am going to sell you,” said the old man. He, then, kept the fish into a container, full of water and continued pulling the golden rope. As he pulled up the golden rope, his boat began to sink. But he continued pulling as he was too greedy and wanted to get all of the golden rope. Finally, his boat sank and the old man died.

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