Football on the Lake


After eating, the three rich men decided to have a game of football. The next moment, the young Chai saw the young servant dive into the water, and come up in a moment with a monster sparkling ball. The ball was quite large and it glittered so much that the young Chai’s eyes were dazzled. The three men and the older servant came and joined the game. When the game had become thrilling, down the ball fell into the middle of the young Chai’s boat!

Instantly, the young Chai kicked it as hard as he could. The ball was feather-light and as soft as rice-paper. Chai’s foot went right through it. Still, the ball went up into the sky and multi-coloured lights streamed from the hole he had made in the ball with his foot. At last down it fell like a comet, touched the water, fizzed, and then went out. “Ho! Ho! cried the players in a fury. “Well kicked!” said the older servant.

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