Fish Baghdadi and the Cat


Mulla Nasruddin went to the fish bazaar to buy the best fish i.e. ‘Fish Baghdadi’. “This is the best pomfret for the dish. It is as long as your beard and as wide as your grin,” said the fish seller as he handed the fish wrapped in a wet rag. Mulla bought it and headed home. ‘I must read the recipe fluently to impress my wife,’ he thought and sat under a tree. He put the wet rag aside and took out the recipe. He memorised the names of spices and the other ingredients besides the method of cooking as his wife didn’t know how to read. “Black pepper…,” he muttered while a hungry cat quietly walked towards the fish and raced away with it. A few people ran to Mulla as he screamed, “Look at that silly cat! He ran away with the fish while I have the recipe. How will he eat ‘Fish Baghdadi’?” People stared at Mulla in disbelief!

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