Fa Hein’s Treasure


Fa Hein grew a coconut plantation on his ancestral land. The leaves were green and lush on the trees. Now, Fa Hein had to wait for the leaves to dry. Finally, the leaves dried and started falling off the trees. While Fa Hein was busy collecting the fallen leaves, his wife was busy selling the coconuts. She had collected many gold coins. After a few years, Fa Hein went to the old man and said, “I have collected enough leaves, can we perform the magic now?”

“Ha HaHa! The magic has already been performed,” replied the old man. “What do you mean?”asked Fa Hein. “While you were collecting the fallen leaves, your wife was busy selling the coconut and the coir. And this is all the profit we have made.” Saying so, the old man poured all the gold coins Fa Hein’s wife had collected.

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