Efforts to Enlighten People

Brahmo Samaj played a very important role in transforming the Indian society.
When Brahmo Samaj was established at that time trafficking of girls took place. Some people even brutally killed the girls. Brahmo Samaj had started a strong revolution against these kinds of social evils. Because of these efforts, it was able to bring an end to sati pratha. It also raised its voice against bigoted casteism. In 1872 the Special Marriage Law was passed.
There was no caste discrimination in Brahmo Samaj. In this everyone was considered as the child of one God. There, children of Muslims as well as Christians gathered for prayers.
Indians as well as Britishers gathered in the prayer meeting. All had the feeling of considering God as one. Here people of every caste and background met cordially with each other.
The opponents were not able to digest Rammohan’s success. They used to say—‘‘Brahmo Samaj is distracting people. Rammohan has played a trick with them. He is giving air to selfishness.’’
Some even said—‘‘He is laying foundation stone of new religion. He is committing crime in the name of religion’’ They were wrong as he was working for the welfare of religion.

Bengali Scholar Keshavchandra Sen made efforts to spread the teachings of Brahminism to far off places. In 1865 he wrote in ‘Indian Mirror’—‘‘He has no intention to establish any new community. He admitted everyone without any distinction to his prayer hall and suggested them to worship their God.’’
Rammohan was very good at heart. He was kind to everybody. He had no malice against anybody. Everybody considered his prayer hall as no less than a temple. It was like the depth of a sea in which people would dive in the worship of God. There was a feeling of love and brotherhood.
His prayer hall was considered as big as the world. It was a dream for him. It was the place of worship for people of every caste and religion. Once an atheist conference was held in Calcutta. Sir Venkatratnam chaired the conference. He said—‘‘Brahmo Samaj has published its memorandum. It contains the details about the objectives of Brahmo Samaj. According to it, in Brahmo Samaj only one God is worshipped. Here people worship without any kind of discrimination. Here people from every religion and sect gather together for prayers. They are also free from any kind of malice in their heart.’’
Brahmo Samaj acted as a strong link between persons. It taught mannerism and simplicity to people. It helped a lot in developing one personal traits. Rammohan played a remarkable role in bringing together people of different religions and sects.
On this issue, Satish Chandra Chakravarty delivered a speech as follows—
‘‘Rammohan had the idea of making Brahmo Samaj a temple for people of every religion and community. Everybody would gather under one roof for prayers. This would help uniting people of whole India. I am not able to understand whether Hindus, Muslims or Christians would worship in a similar way. I understand that God is one. It is present inside everybody’s soul—People in Brahamo Samaj believed in this. Rammohan too used to detail this thing in his speeches.’’
Brahmo Samaj was inherited with the feeling of universal brotherhood. He believed that if man wakes up then the world would also rise. To accomplish this aim, he wanted the society to get rid of superstition and illiteracy. He wanted to enlighten the spirit of people so as to make his life brighter and happy. To achieve this aim, he worked throughout his life to bring the people together.

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