Duryodhana’s Humiliation

Yudhishthira was a kind man. He thanked Chitrasena for not killing Duryodhana and his friends and requested him to release the captives. Chitrasena did as Yudhishthira asked, and having completed his mission, returned to Amaravati. Yudhishthira spoke very kindly to Duryodhana advising him like an elder brother. He should have stayed with the Pandavas, said Yudhishthira. He sent Duryodhana away affectionately asking him to convey his regards to the family elders. This made Duryodhana feel even more humiliated and miserable. He was forced to thank his hated cousins for rescuing him and his family and friends from Chitrasena. Duryodhana was miserable about his humiliating defeat and at being rescued in the presence of his family and friends by the Pandavas. He was comforted by his brothers and Karna, who was ashamed at having run away, unable to face the gandharvas. Karna promised to avenge the disgrace.

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