Drona’s Death

Lord Krishna revealed a secret to the Pandavas to win against Drona. “Drona has vowed that he would stop fighting if his only son, Ashwatthama, was killed!” The following day, Bheem acted promptly according to Lord Krishna’s plan. He killed an elephant with the name Ashwatthama. Then, Yudhishthira informed Drona that Ashwatthama was dead without clarifying that it was not his son but an elephant. As soon as Drona dropped his weapons, Dhrishtadyumna (Draupadi’s brother) beheaded him. On the other front of the battlefield, Bheem killed Dushasan to fulfil his vow for insulting Draupadi. Karna was the next commander-in-chief of the Kaurava army. Krishna advised Bheem to send for his half-demon son, Ghatotkach, for a surprise attack on the Kauravas. The magical powers of demons were said to be most effective at night. Ghatotkach played havoc with the Kaurava army and it seemed as if he would single-handedly destroy the whole army.

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