Discovery of Salt


Ming was thrown into the dungeon. A guard was carrying Ming’s sack out. He found the sack heavy and left it near the kitchen. After a few days, while the cook was carrying dumplings to the King, he fell over the sack. A little sand fell onto the dumplings. Since he was in a hurry, he picked up those dumplings and served the King. A little later, the King called out for the cook. The King sternly asked, “What have you put in the mushrooms?”

Quaking with fear the cook confessed about the sand. And then to everybody’s surprise, the King said, “I loved the mushroom dumplings. I want all the cooks to use that special sand in whatever they cook. Free the man who brought it to me. I will reward him richly. He will also supply me with more of this magical sand.” The treasure was salt.

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