Once upon a time, a woman was granted one wish of visiting both Heaven and Hell. She arrived in a great banquet hall at the lunchtime. Delicious food and drinks were laid on the tables. Around the tables were sitting miserable, starved and fatigued people. “Why are they like this?” the woman asked the angel. “Look at their arms,” the angel replied. She saw that attached to the people’s arms were gigantic chopsticks which were around three feet in length.

Because of the length of the chopsticks, they were not able to reach the food. They kept falling to the floor. So, they were hungry. “Indeed, this is Hell! Take me away!” said the woman looking at the pitiful scene. She was then taken to Heaven where it was time for supper. Around the tables sat people laughing, content. “No chopsticks, I suppose,” she said. “Oh yes, there are. Look, the chopsticks are the same as those in Hell. Here, people have learnt to feed one another.”

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