The Three Musketeers

The Three MusketeersThe Three Musketeers is a historical romance, it relates the adventures of four fictional swashbuckling heroes who lived under the French kings Louis XIII and Louis XIV.😊🙌


Chapter 9 It was a stormy and dark night; vast clouds covered the heavens, concealing the stars; the moon would not rise till midnight.Occasionally, by the light of a flash of lightening which gleamed along the horizon, the road stretched itself before them, white and solitary; the flash extinct, all remained in darkness.Every minute Athos …

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Milady Meets Rochefort

Chapter 7 “Ah,” cried Milady and Rochefort together, “it is you!”“Yes, it is I.”“And you come?” asked Milady.“From La Rochelle; and you?”“From England.”“Buckingham?”“Dead or desperately wounded, as I left without having been able to hear anything of him. A fanatic has just assassinated him.”“Ah,” said Rochefort, with a smile; “this is a fortunate chance—one that …

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