44 Secularism in India

The culture of a country is the accumulated intellectual, emotional and spiritual wealth of that nation. Our is a secular country. People of different religions, cultures, castes, sects and creeds live in India. All people have the freedom to practice the religion on their own choice, without any interference from state. Thus there is lot …

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43 Custom culture

When certain act is repeated we call it a habit. In case the society follows a certain mode of life or repeates the act at the same time thinks it proper it do it repetedly we call it custom.In other words it may be called a long habitual and generally observed course of counduct of …

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42 Joint family

Family, does not consist of a man alone. The family is a biological phenomena based on sex and parental functions. In every known human society, however the family is elaboratd into a cultural organisation, that it is surrounded by rules and rituals. The family is the first and most fundamental of all human associations and …

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39 Class consciousness

Now we consider the conditions which lead to make members of a class consicious of their membership.Social MobilityClass consists in the realisation of a similarity of attitude and behaviour with members of one’s own class, and of a difference from members of other class. It is to see that if the movement up and down …

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37 Caste ranking

From time immemorial all castes have not been treated equal in rank and status. In the hierarchical ladder the Brahmins have always been considered and placed at the top. All other sections and castes in the society have been asked to respect Brahmins. Even in the olden days when Kshatriyas ruled the country, in Royal …

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32 The status of women

The position of women may be defined with reference to the personal rights she enjoys in society as compared to personal rights which, women’s counterpart enjoys in any given society. The status may also be defined with reference to be relative advantage one enjoys in matter of exercising authority and in initiating action.In we bear …

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