Silas Marner (The Weaver of Reveloe)

Silas Marner (The Weaver of Reveloe)Silas Marner (The Weaver of Reveloe) is the third novel by George Eliot. It was published in 1861. Read it for free now!📚🤩

Godfrey and Nancy Leave Marner’s Cottage

Chapter 7 Godfrey, having returned from his walk, tells Nancy some truly shocking news: Dunstan’s remains have been found at the bottom of the drained stone-pits. With Dunstan’s body, Marner’s gold has been recovered. Godfrey also makes another painful revelation. He finally tells Nancy that the woman found dead in the snow outside of Marner’s …

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Silas Marner, the Weaver

Chapter 1 The novel opens with a discussion of the superstitious attitude of provincial English peasants towards the “wandering” tradesmen at the fringes of their society. Such outsiders include weavers. Eliot suggests that villagers in the nineteenth-century England prefer simple, direct experience to the mysterious histories and abilities of weavers. Because such men are generally …

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