Political Science

9. Gandhism

Mahatma Gandhi was a great man, a good statesman, a social reformer, a great national leader, a staunch nationalist, and a man of religious bent of mind of the modern age. He was born on 2nd October, 1869 and lived upto 30 January, 1948. He was the guiding star of the national movement from 1893 […]

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8. Justice

Concept of justice is as old as society. Man has always fought for justice. It plays an important role in the life of the man and the society. If there is no justice, life, liberty and property of the people are not safe, and the very existence of state loses charm in its absence. Man

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7. Law

Laws protect life and property, laws maintain peace and order in the society. Laws are essential for all. Man is a social animal and while living in society he cannot act entirely according to his will. Rules regulating the relationships in the society are essential. It is also essential to have a body that may

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6. Liberty

Everybody wants liberty, even a child wants to act with liberty. Everybody wants to think, take decision and act with liberty. Liberty is essential for the development of the life of an individual. To act with liberty is the nature of man. Some scholars claim their right to liberty to be a natural right and

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4. Equality

History of mankind speaks that in every society people have struggled for right to equality. It is believed that since all men are equal, they should be treated equal and should have equal participation in the administration of the state. It is said that all men are born equal and nature does not make man

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1. Nature of Indian political System

As a political system of a developing democratic pluralistic society, Indian political system offers a rich, interesting and fascinating study of an ancient civilization going through a transitional stage and aiming at socio-economic-cultural development through a democratic process.After emerging as an independent sovereign state in 1947 through a mighty and successful non-violent national liberation movement,

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