Level-2 Stories

Level-1 StoriesLevel-2 Stories by Sawan presents characters such as kids and animals that are central to any story. This first level presents the simple, basic phrases and sentences make children engage deeper into reading.🌍📚


It’s time for school. Let’s put on the school uniforms and take along the bags. A school is a place where we learn to read and write. We also learn lots of things about life, society and the world in school. This is our classroom. Here, we sit and learn from our teachers. Meet, Miss …

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Today, I am going shopping with my mom in the shopping mall. It would be a lot of fun. A shopping mall is a large building that has a lot of stores, restaurants, a movie theatre, a gaming zone, etc. Look at these children! They are enjoying their ride around the mall in that train. …

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Look at this big field; it is a farm. Lots of plants and animals are there. Yummy fruits and vegetables that we eat, come from the farm. Many animals are raised on the farm. He is Peter, the farmer. He looks after the plants and the animals on the farm. Can you listen to that, …

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What a sunny day it is! Let’s go to the beach today. It’s a perfect place to swim and play in summers. Don’t forget to take along your swimming costumes, flip-flops, swim-rings, hats, sunglasses and some sun-cream. A beach is the shore of the sea covered with a lot of sand. You can also see …

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Hurray! It’s vacation time. We have reached the airport. Wow! What a big airport it is! There are moving walkways to go from one place to another. Look at these pretty dresses. Let’s buy a couple of dresses from this duty-free shop. Here is the check-in counter. Let’s take our boarding passes. Dad is depositing …

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