221 Amazing Wild Animals Encyclopedia

221 Amazing Wild Animals EncyclopediaSawan’s 221 Amazing Wild Animals Encyclopedia contains all the info about the wild animals. It will help children learn what these animals eat, how they hunt, how they sleep and many many more interesting facts about them!😍


Common name : Humped cattle, Brahman Scientific name : Bos taurus indicus Family : Bovidae Native to : Africa, South Asia Interesting fact : Nandi, revered in India, is a zebu. Conservation status : Domesticated There are seventy-five species of zebus; they are a commercial animals, providing hides, milk, meat, bones for fertilizers, etc. They …

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Scientific name : Odobenus rosmarus Family : Odobenidae Native to : North Pole in the arctic and sub-arctic seas Interesting fact : Its name means ‘tooth walking sea horse’. Conservation status : Data Deficient It is a large flippered marine mammal found across the northern hemisphere. Adult walruses are easily recognized by their prominent tusks, …

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Scientific name : Panthera tigris x Panthera leo Family : Felidae Interesting fact : Not found in the wild. Usually, tigons weigh around 180 kilograms. Tigons can exhibit visible characteristics from both parents, they can have both spots from the mother and stripes from the father. Usually they have orange-yellow coats with stripes or spots, …

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