151 Adventure Stories

Read adventures stories to your kids and spend quality time during bed hours. Sawan’s online 151 Adventure Stories is a bundle of bedtime stories for kids.


The Duel

John, the Marquis of Gerwin, had just found out that his cousin Bertram was a spy against their country! If the king’s soldiers found out, not only would Bertram be hanged for treason, but the family name would also be ruined. He tried to talk to Bertram and convince him to stop his dangerous dealings, …

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The Submarine

Captain Finch was carrying important cargo–a locked strongbox, containing secret treaty papers between two European countries. Everything seemed to be all right, but the Captain was uneasy. Suddenly, the lookout shouted out, “Captain! Here’s something!” Captain Finch immediately scanned the ocean. There, he saw the small periscope breaking the surface of the water. A spy …

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The Launch

Alexandra was a scientist who worked for the International Space Programme. Today, their newest space shuttle was to be launched. Throughout the last week, however, things had been going wrong. One day, important calculations were missing. The next day, there were errors in the computer system. Alexandra thought someone was trying to sabotage their efforts. …

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Alex was speaking to the Bank Manager, when a shot rang out. Two masked men with pistol commanded, “Everyone on the floor, now!” Everyone scrambled to the ground. Alex hid under a table where he could not be seen. The thieves took away everyone’s phone, so none could alert the police. The only one who …

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