Brachiosaurus was a long-necked dinosaur that lived in

the Jurassic Period.

Brachiosaurus had a long neck but relatively a small head and a short tail.

Brachiosauruses were around 25 metres long and weighed 40 tons.

They were herbivores. They could eat almost 400 kilograms of plants every day.

Brachiosauruses moved in herds after they had finished

the vegetation in a particular area.

Brachiosauruses spent a lot of time in water as it was not easy for them
to carry their weight on land.

Brachiosaurus laid eggs that were green in colour and a little more

than the size of a football.

It was considered to be one of the biggest dinosaurs but they had a small brain.

Brachiosaurus walked on all four legs. Their front legs were comparatively

longer than the back ones.

Brachiosaurus lived for more than a 100 years.

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