Blessing or Misfortune


Once, a man lived near the northern borders of China. He was well experienced in the practices of Taoism. One day, his horse ran into the territory of the northern tribes. “Maybe this will turn out to be a blessing,” said his father. A few months later, the horse came back. A fine horse from the north came running behind him. “Maybe this will turn out to be a cause of misfortune,” said his father. One day, the man while riding the horse, fell down.

Unfortunately, he broke his thigh bone. “Maybe this will turn out to be a blessing,” alleged his father. After a year, the northern tribes started to invade the border regions. All the young macho men took up arms to fight. Most of them died in the war. The man was crippled and was unable to join the battle. So, both the man and his father survived.

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