Balarama Opts out

Lord Krishna was fully aware of the capabilities of His army, Narayani Sena. He thought, ‘If the great Balarama enters the battlefield on Duryodhan’s side, the game will be over for the Pandavas.’ Lord Krishna convinced Balarama, “This Mahabharata war would be filled with unfair and unjust ways. A man of your accomplishments should not taint his soul by participating in it. You should instead go on a pilgrimage.” Thus, Balarama opted out of the war. Duryodhan, on behalf of the Kauravas, and Arjun, on behalf of the Pandavas, went to Dwarka to seek Lord Krishna’s help for the oncoming war. Lord Krishna was sleeping when Duryodhan entered his room. So, he waited for Lord Krishna to wake up and sat near His head. Arjun also came but a little later and he sat at Lord Krishna’s feet. When Lord Krishna woke up, He saw Arjun first as he was at His feet and then Duryodhan. He heard both of them seeking His help and made a proposal.

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