Baalbek is a town in the Anti-Lebanon foothills, comprising well-preserved Roman ruins in Lebanon. Baalbek is located in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley, north of Beirut and Damascus. The earliest settlements are said to have existed almost 8,000-9,000 years ago on the hilltop of Baalbek.

Why it is special: Known as Heliopolis, meaning ‘Sun City’ in Greek and Roman antiquity, Baalbek has one of the largest temples from the era of the Roman Empire. While the layout and architecture of the ruins vary from traditional Roman design, local influences can be seen in their style. The famous Temple of Jupiter with 27 columns and ruins of a Great Court spread over 3-4 acres with mosaic floor lustration basins, subterranean chamber and underground passages; all bear inscriptions that provide the evidence of Roman soldiers.

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