Ask a Fox for Its Skin


Lisheng, a young man, had just married a beautiful woman. One day, she thought that a coat of fox-fur would look attractive on her. So, she asked Lisheng to get her coat of fox-fur. But the coat was rare and costly. The husband felt helpless and went on the hillside in search of a fox. Soon, he saw a fox with a dazzling coat. Immediately, he caught the fox by its tail. Delighted, he said to the fox, “My wife wants a coat of fox-fur. Can you give me your skin so that she may have fur?

That isn’t a big deal, is it?” The fox was shocked and quickly thought of an idea to save its life, “Well, dear friend, that’s easy. You have to let my tail go so that I may pull off the skin for you.” The elated man released the fox. The fox ran away as fast as it could into the forest.

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