Artery and Vein


Artery:Arteries are the blood vessels that transfer oxygenated blood from the heart to all the parts of the body, except pulmonary artery, which carries deoxygenated blood. Arteries have thick elastic walls to bear the high pressure of blood, as the heart pumps blood into the arteries. Arteries divide into smaller vessels called arterioles, which link up with capillaries in the capillary network. To feel the blood rushing through the arteries we can place two fingers in the hollow spot on the wrist. Vein:Veins are the blood vessels that transfer deoxygenated blood from the various parts of the body back to the heart after it has delivered oxygen to the body. Pulmonary vein is the only vein which carries pure blood. Veins are located much nearer to the surface of the body than arteries. Veins and venules (tiny veins that link up with capillaries and drain blood from them) bear very low blood pressures. Hence, veins have much thinner, less elastic and less muscular walls than the walls of arteries.

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