Amber Gets a Brother

Amber was a sweet zebra. She was the only child. She wanted a brother or sister whom
she could call her own.

Amber was the only child of her parents. She always felt lonely and wanted a brother or sister.

One day, she went with her parents for an outing. There, she saw a couple with three children.

Amber was drawn to them. She asked her mother, “Why can’t I have a brother or sister?”

Her mother replied, “Some things are out of our hands, Amber. Only God can handle them.”

Amber became sad. To make her happy, her mother ordered a nice ice cream for her.

That night, Amber prayed to God, “O Lord! Please send a brother or sister for me!”

A few days later, Amber went to the market. There, she saw a little rabbit being teased by some wolves.

Amber could not bear this. She immediately went up to the wolves and scolded them.

The wolves got scared and ran away. Amber asked the rabbit, “What is your name?”

“Nino,” he replied. Amber immediately felt drawn to him. She could see that he was poor.

Amber invited him to a meal. While chatting, she came to know that he was an orphan.

Amber also found out that he stayed with some distant relatives who forced him to do work.

Amber felt very sad on hearing about this. It was a very cruel thing to do.

After that day, Amber often met Nino. One day, Nino asked,

“Would it not be fun if we became brother and sister?”

As soon as Amber heard this, she exclaimed, “I have always wished for a brother.”

Amber’s mind started working quickly. She went to her parents and told them everything.

Amber’s parents were very surprised. Then, they discussed something in private.

Later, they came and said to Amber, “After discussing a few things, we have decided to adopt Nino.”

Amber was very happy. Her wish had been fulfilled at last. She hugged her parents happily.

Moral : An act of kindness always brings good results.

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