Akrura Witnesses a Vision

Akrura drove the chariot towards Mathura as fast as he could. However, midway, he stopped the chariot at the banks of River Yamuna to refresh himself. While he was taking a bath, Akrura saw both Balarama and Krishna standing in the water. Confused, Akrura looked back at the chariot and saw that the two boys were sitting in the chariot. When he dived into the water, he saw another wonderful vision! Akrura saw a beautiful vision of Krishna, in the form of Lord Vishnu, sleeping on Sheshnag. After a few seconds, the curved body of Sheshnag turned into the stunning form of Balarama. Akrura was awe-struck and overwhelmed with devotion! ‘What I had heard is true! Lord Vishnu and Sheshnag were born on Earth as the sons of Vasudeva,’ he said to himself as he joined his hands and prayed to Lord Vishnu. The vision disappeared and Akrura went back to his chariot, overjoyed with what he had seen.

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