Abd Al-Rahman, the Maghribi of the Rukh

Once a man from West Africa called Abd Al-Rahman, alias the Moorman or the Chinaman, had travelled far and wide. One day, he brought a quill of a young Rukh that could even contain a goat skin of water. His folk were amazed to see it whom he then narrated the adventure of his voyage to China.

On his journey to China, he saw an island and the ship anchored to fetch water and food. They saw many dome-like structures and found them to their amazement, the eggs of Rukh. They cut open the eggs, removed the wings of the stillborn young Rukhs and took out their flesh and carried it to the ship.

As they set sailing, they saw a Rukh, as big as a mountain, following them carrying a big rock. The rock was bigger than the ship itself and when it was thrown on the ship, it missed the ship as it moved swiftly and escaped.

Then the sailors, some old with grey hair, cooked the meat of young Rukh and ate it. When they woke up next morning, all those who had the meat, grew young and their grey hair turned black.

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