A Spirit of the Wu-Lian Mountain


Once, there lived a scholar at the foot of Wu-Lian Mountain. One night, he was sitting up reading, outside his home. Suddenly, there was a huge storm, and a monster stretched out his claws and seized him by the hair. The monster lifted him up in the air and carried him away. When they were passing by a Buddhist temple in the hills, the scholar saw the figure of a god in golden armour at a distance in the clouds.

The figure in the clouds looked like the image of Weto in the Buddhist temple. In its right hand, it held an iron mace, while its left had pointed towards the monster, angrily. Scared, the monster let the scholar fall, right on top of the tower, and disappeared. In the morning, the priest came and saw the scholar on his tower. He piled up hay and straw on the ground so that he might jump down unhurt. Then, he took the scholar home.

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