A Special Weapon


A new conqueror ruled over the kingdom and resided in Mulla Nasruddin’s town. He looked for ways to put an end to a rebellion active in a nearby town. “The people have risen against the governor,” an official explained, “They say they have had enough of his oppressive rule.” “We should send troops and weapons to put an end to the disorder,” added a military general, “Once we make your Highness’s presence felt, the revolt will surely come to an end.” Mulla, who was in court at the time, spoke to the new conqueror, “Actually, all of that is not necessary, Your Majesty! In fact, I know a way you can end the revolt with just one special weapon.” “What is that, Mulla?” asked the conqueror. Mulla replied, “A person who is attentive to the people and replaces the oppressive governor.” The conqueror liked his idea and changed the governor immediately. 

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