A Sack of Pumpkins


Once, a priest said to Mulla Nasruddin, “Son, carry this pumpkin sack to my house and I’ll give you three important religious teachings to lead a pious life.” Mulla agreed. When Mulla stopped to rest, the priest said, “If someone ever says that it’s better to walk than to ride an animal, never believe it.” After walking for a while, Mulla stopped again. “If anyone says that a poor man is better than a rich man, don’t believe him,” said the priest. “And I already know your third teaching! You’re going to say that an intelligent man can make a foolish man carry a sack of pumpkins without paying any money at all,” said Mulla. He continued, “Here’s my teaching. If anyone says that these pumpkins are not broken, you may punish me. But if his statement is false, then order him out of your house.” Then Mulla walked away, throwing the sack into a ditch, breaking all the pumpkins into halves.

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