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Ways To Motivate Kids To Play Outside

No doubt indoor games are very important for the growth and development of a child but Outdoor games are way more important. Outdoor play is important for the emotional, social, and personal well-being of a child.

Schools have made it compulsory as it will affect the foundation of a child’s growth in a very positive manner as against not.

They tend to develop important life skills, like confidence and communication which are very basic for the growth and development of a child.

Why Is Outdoor Play Better Than Indoor Play?

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Playing outside not only makes children fit and fine but also makes them active and bright while indoor games may not make your child fit and he may feel lazy and lethargic at some point in time.

Children develop important skills like coordination, balance, and agility by playing outside. They learn the importance of teamwork. They get to know the real world by changing thoughts and ideas with peers. The same may not take place while a child is indulged in indoor games.

When a child steps outside the house, he learns a lot and copes up with the social environment which teaches him to become more independent. Greenery, open space, and fresh air are very essential for the growth and development of a child.

It is vital because children learn to become more independent and make their own decisions. They get to see the real world against sitting in between the four walls at home. This is also why you need to motivate kids to play outside.

The most added advantage is that they develop muscles, bones, and physical endurance. There is improvement in health and they develop good immunity which helps them from fighting diseases or falling sick very easily.

How To Motivate Kids To Play Outside?

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One person may like playing indoor games while the other may love playing outdoor games. Every child has a different nature and has his own personality. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for parents or caretakers to motivate their children to play outside. He may feel lazy or may have a fear of separating.

There are certain ways you can motivate your child to play outside. Some of them are:-

1. Invite Friends Or Neighbors

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Sometimes playing outside alone can get boring for children. He may not like to go alone. This mostly happens with a single child because he has no siblings.

Children always like to play in company with other friends, schoolmates, neighbors, or siblings. This will also teach them communication skills and teamwork as they play outside, between their peers.

 If not, you can even hire a baby- sitter for your children who can play with them. This will motivate kids to play outside and enjoy their freedom while talking and having fun with their friends.

2. Take Your Pet Along

Kids having a shower together with their cute golden retriever in the garden

Your child may love to play outside with their pets. For example, if you have a dog, your child can go and play with the dog by throwing a ball and playing between the lush green grass and fresh air. Some people even keep guinea pigs, cats, or rabbits as their pets as they are very playful. Try this out to motivate kids to play outside.

3. Purchase A Step-Tracker For Your Child

Nowadays, people feel motivated by completing a number of steps when they go outside. Make him wear the band which counts his steps. You can tell your child the health benefits of completing the steps in one day. You can give him challenges.

Ask your child, how many steps he has today, and how many he thinks he can get. By doing so, he will stay fit, active and will also achieve a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

4. Invest And Gear-Up

You can purchase and invest in a few attractive and tempting outdoor games that will entice and motivate the kids to go outside and get away from the screens.

Pediatricians don’t recommend playing with trampolines, but children will have lots of fun and they will feel excited and motivated initially, with anything on wheels, anything projectile, or anything that involves fun activities with water.

If they want to climb or bounce, they should go for it. They can go onto pogo sticks or some climbing cleats attached to a tree. Risk can be fun for your little ones and helps make children more active, resilient, creative, and confident than before.

5. Challenges

A bike race around the block, a game of HORSE,  basketball, cricket, badminton, or an obstacle course of their choice can be set as a competitive challenge. You can challenge your child to acquire talents that will help them win this game.

If this is not a way your child will get motivated, you can even ask them to explain a game she has learned in school and challenge her to win this game she has explained.

6. Indoor Activities Can Be Done Outside

If your child is resisting outdoor play by being lazy, you can start shifting indoor activities outside. Change of venue will attract your kids to go outside and experience fresh air and sunlight.

Having meals in the grass and inviting friends for a picnic will motivate your child to step outside and have fun. Homework, board games, and musical instruments can also be played in an open area where your child will love to go outside.

7. Modern Children Don’t Know Old Tricks, So Teach Them!

You need to delve into the nostalgic times and remember the games you played when you were a kid. Your all-time favorite games can also be a favorite game of your modern child.

Outdoor games like kick the can, flashlight tag, building forts with peers, pick-up baseball, street hockey, skating, seven-tiles are not known to most kids nowadays. These can be really interesting. They would also want to know what you played as a kid.

8. Treasure Hunt Games

New games for modern children have come up like Geocaching or catching Pokémon’s These are very exciting for children as they take up as a challenge. If your child is really ambitious, he can set up his own treasure hunt. This will help him step outside and make him an active kid.


Outdoor games are vital for the overall growth and development of your child. Not stepping outside can hamper the overall personality of a child and he may even lag behind other children. He may fail to develop a personality that an outgoing child may develop over time. Important life skills such as coordination, balance, and teamwork can only be acquired if your child steps outside the house. Playing outdoors should be made a compulsory activity for all growing children for their betterment. Children should adopt a healthy lifestyle as they are the upcoming youth of the nation!

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