5 Tips To Make Homework Less Stressful For Children💡📚

5 Tips To Make Homework Less Stressful For Kids

As soon as the school gets over and when the wheels fall off the travelling modes, kids who literally behaved perfectly all day long, suddenly start behaving like someone who is completely inconsolable. Parents have no idea what to do to chill out their kids. Children feel frustrated and go out of control while parents keep on wondering about the contrasting attitude of their children.

Why do they start behaving like this? Is it the homework that keeps on worrying them from the inside?

Kids, at their growing age, feel that doing homework is the most stressful hour of the day. They even term it as a “witching hour” sometimes. It is like a never-ending hour with no fun.

While you, as parents, get back to the nostalgic times and enter the school-aged years, do you remember when all the stuff of babyhood has long been gone from the house and the witching hour of doing the homework still remains?

It was just called the homework hour!

Children are more successful in school when parents take an active interest in their homework. It proves to children that what they do is necessary.

Parents should keep few to no distractions while their children are doing homework.

They should provide an enabling environment with no sound or light distractions. Let your little one focus on their academics in this witching hour!

Doing homework can impact your child’s success in a very positive manner. You should keep motivating and monitoring your child on a daily basis with the assigned homework and assignments at school.

Homework time can also be fun and enjoyable. Some of the tips are:-

Conversion Time

Your child should have a planned schedule and a conversion time from school time to home time. There should be a fixed routine and perfect discipline after your kids come back home after school. They should be given enough space and time to relax their mind and body. Certain routines should include:-

  • Emptying their backpacks of lunch bags, water bottles, extra clothes, anything else that came home from school that won’t be needed the next day.
  • Taking care of any permission forms or other “administrative” tasks that need to be done for the next day.
  • Setting out homework and everything else that needs to get done that night.

By this, your child will get a break and know their timetable. So, he knows which hour is the homework hour!

Follow A Healthy Diet And Stay Hydrated

Children love to consume junk. You can put a small plate full of fruits or any other vegetables which contain vitamins and minerals or is enough for nutrients. They will be shocked to see how they end up finishing a healthy snack while doing their homework. Sugary drinks or snacks should be avoided. By staying hydrated and following a healthy diet, your child will remain active for a longer time and won’t feel lethargic to complete his homework. He will spend more time learning against sleeping all day long.

Get Congenial

You need to make your child warm and comfortable as soon as he gets home after a tiresome day. Do not pressurise your child with doing homework as soon as he gets back home. He needs to take a rest or do some entertainment activities to relax back his mind and body. He will also do his homework in a hurry because he is pressurised and tired  It is always better to give him a break as soon as he comes back. He will be more active while doing his homework after a short break. Make him comfortable by changing his school uniform into clean and airy clothes.

Parents should also create an enabling and friendly environment for their child so that he feels more motivated and comfortable.

Setting Rewards

Witching hour can be transformed into a dream hour very easily. You can offer certain rewards for your children as soon as the homework is done. You can tell them that they can go and watch television or play games and activities of their choice as soon as he is done with the homework. This will keep parents and children contended. You will not have to pester and scold tour bindle of joy by forcing him again and again to finish his assigned work.

He will know that he will get the privileges as soon as he finishes his work, so there are fewer chances of getting disappointed with this offer. At times, when your child is feeling too lazy or lethargic, you can even offer them their favourite food, the next day.

This is a very amazing way to motivate your kids in completing the homework. You will even see the speed going up while you offer such rewards.

Emplacing Timings

Homework hours can be one of the longest hours of the day for kids. It’s like it is never-ending for children. They can get frustrated and irritated in doing their homework regularly. They must be thinking about doing homework even before reaching home after school. You can comfort your child by setting a fixed time for going homework every day. They can even have breaks in between so they don’t get tired. You can set a 10-minute break after studying for half-and-hour. In this way, he will stay motivated and won’t get tired. He will stay active after the break as well.

By setting a timely routine, your child will know that this particular hour of the day is assigned for doing homework. He will also be motivated to finish the homework soon so that he gets free for the rest of the day and do whatever he wishes to do.


Helping and supporting your children with homework is an important responsibility as a caretaker or a parent and directly supports the learning process. One of the best predictors of success in academics at school is learning at home and being involved in a kid’s education. Involvement by caretakers or parents with homework helps your child in developing self-confidence and motivation in the classroom. He becomes more bright and active as is not an unknown to the upcoming topics.

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