5 Intriguing Painting Kits For Your Kids To Make Them Artists🎨

painting kits for kids

Art & Craft teaches children how to interpret, analyse, evaluate and use visual l information to make choices. Art & Craft is a significant component in preschool. It allows the child to create, explore, analyse and discover the world around them. Additionally, it also helps children to build problem-solving skills, decision making, socio-emotional skills, and fine motor skills. Engaging your child in Art & Craft related activities from a very young age will help to improve eye-hand coordination.

Here are 5 best selling and intriguing painting kits for kids to make them artists:

1. Glass Painting kit

Looking for an attractive art and craft kit in which your child will be able to exercise his creative skills? Want an educational kit that will keep your child engaged? This sparkling kit will allow your child to make his own framed glass painting. Little ones will be able to explore their creative skills and make personalised designs.

Your child can take the help of the videos and follow up easily for more creative ideas. This is one of the best birthday gifts.

Your kids will experience the fun of painting these glasses using craft supplies inside the attractive art and craft box.

Little artists will engage in creative ways by using this craft kit instead of getting busy with electrical devices.

DIY Glass painting will open a whole new artistic world for exploring artists. It is a great way to start learning glass painting

This kit helps budding artists in growing their imagination. It pulls out a passion amongst little ones for art and craft.

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2. Planet Of Toys Painting Set

This wonderful set contains a canvas painting Kit for toddlers with a wooden canvas painting stand, watercolour tube, colour mixing palette and 6 painting brushes.

Children can practice how to paint on the provided canvas and explore their creative skills. They can make whatever design they want and experience a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

Little artists will get engaged for hours and hours while they learn throughout the practice.

It contains non-toxic paint colours which will allow your children to play and learn with this attractive canvas painting set.

This set contains everything which a child will require to set up a canvas.

The components in this box are of high quality and are very durable.

It contains a professional paint kit and all the art accessories that are required. This basic and attractive painting kit is geared for all beginners and artists alike.

It is a perfect gift for children. Painting sets are a beautiful and attractive way to inspire imagination and creativity amongst little artists.

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3. Toiing Rock Art Kit

This is a creative reusable painting DIY kit for children. It is an Indoor art & craft kit with paints & paintbrushes.

Rocks are an exciting new canvas. Kids can practice painting on these smooth rocks.

Children can paint these rocks and make them as attractive as a decorative items. They can be used for decorative purposes to beautify the room or they can also be used as a gift for closed ones.

The river rocks are very smooth and ready to be painted. For more ideas, there are 50+ designs in an instruction manual. So, children do not run out of ideas!

The paintings on these stones are temporary and washable. To make it a permanent one, you can apply nail paint or varnish so that it doesn’t dry out.

They are reusable as they can be easily washed out and used as many times as you want.

You can encourage your kids to engrave happy and positive messages on these rocks to spread a little kindness around!

It is rock art that has repeated play value and is also an open-ended creative gift for kids.

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4. Colourup Hobby Bag For Kids

This bag consists of all the items which your kids dream about. It is a handy bag that consists of the wish list your child must be making. It is a very attractive bag and consists of Assortment Oil Pastel (25 units), Jumbo Wax Crayons (12 units), Sketch Pen (12 units), Coloured Gel pens (10 units), 1 Mechanical Pencil, Blue ink Gel Pen (Pack of 5 units) 100gms Clay(12 strips), 1 Activity Book.

All these are non-toxic materials and a comprehensive colouring and stationery range which is Ideal for kids and all art lovers. The components in this bag are very useful and of very high quality.

You can surprise your children with this attractive bag and they are definitely going to love it!

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5. Spin Art Maker Machine

Bring out the hidden artists inside your children with this fun and exciting spin art maker machine.

It is a very inventive and innovative product for children in which your child will be ae to explore his creative and imaginative skills.

Your child simply puts paint on the spinning machine and create amazing and beautiful patterns including bookmarks, cards or any other project.

Let your little artists create super cool creations with this spinning machine.

This machine is made up of very good quality and the biggest advantage of this set is that it is mess-free.

It is suitable for all ages. Not only do children enjoy this creative spinning machine, but parents and grandparents too, enjoy this activity.

This set allows kids to create unique patterns on the spinning machine using paints that can be mixed to create new colours. It comes with simple instructions in the form of a book to get started. This set could inspire little artists in creating their own patterns and explore their level of creative and imaginative skills.

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When creating an art and craft project, children are able to develop their cognitive and fine motor skills. Art kits also allow your child to expand their essential vocabulary. They will learn the names of different shapes, colours and materials without it seeming like a chore or a memorization exercise. Children of young age enjoy these kits to a lot of extents. They tend to improve their creative and imaginative skills while practising creative activities.

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