5 High-Rated Board Games For Kids With A Healthy Twist🎯📚

Board Games For Kids

Choosing a board game for your kids should be considered an important task. Games should be such that, while playing, your kid should learn something while having fun. He should either gain knowledge or acquire any of the important life skills while exercising his abilities.

There are a number of board games on which your child will polish up his motor skills, acquire skills like analytical skills, creativity and thinking skills and much more. He should be able to learn a concept that will affect his growth and development in a positive manner.

Choosing a good board game will affect the growth and development of your child indirectly. Good motor skills, increasing memory capacity and learning how to socialise and interact while playing the games are some of the important factors that your kid should be able to acquire while having fun. Some of the games can even teach your child, educational lessons or life skills like health, wealth, fitness, safety and nutrition.

Some of the board games which have high educational importance and involves overall life skills are as follows:-

1. Bounce-Off

This game consists of a game grid instruction, nine challenge cards, eight balls (There are two colours), two ball holders.

In this game, your child is aiming at the balls at a special and unique grid, where he will try to create a pattern again and again in order to beat his friend or an opponent. Your child can play this game head-to-head or in teams of two people as well.

This game requires eye-hand coordination where your kid will have to chase the balls which fly off the game table. It requires creative skills and makes your child more active.

Whichever colour completes the pattern at first, wins the card. Whoever earns 3 cards, wins the game.

This game will make your child active and he will gain a sense of accomplishment.

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2. Study Birdy

This game will engage your kid into imagination. It will encourage your child to exercise his creative skills and it stimulates a child to use his senses, arousing curiosity in him.

There is balancing and counting throughout the game. Each player gets a chance to balance out the poses, one by one.

This game will also keep your child fit because it improves core strength because it involves balancing yourself throughout the game and this will make your child active, in turn. It improves balance and coordination. It is a great game for polishing up motor skills and is detrimental to growth and development.

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3. Schwinn – The Biking Game

If you and your kids enjoy bicycling, this game is made for you! It is a perfect post-ride multi-generational board game played by children as well as adults.

It is designed for 2-8 players. It provides for recalling biking experiences and hence includes increment of memory capacity and exercising motor skills.

An educational game that promotes the idea of having an active lifestyle is fun to play with all the family members while socialising and communicating with the biking experience on roads.

It is themed around the legacy of biking with one of the most ionic biking companies on the planet known as Schwinn and is a great game for kids or any of the family members.

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4. Angelina Ballerina Dance with Me Game

This game revolves around a character- Angelina Ballerina.

Each player has to spin and with each spin of the spinner and flip of the card, players make a brand-new ballet routine. This helps in polishing up the motor skills amongst kids.

The kids will grasp and learn the moves slowly throughout the game. Kids can’t sit idle. They have to be active throughout the game. There is an audio CD, too, in this pack.

This game is recommended for budding ballerinas for toddlers who want to polish up their motor skills and become more active in their lives.

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5. I Can Do That!

This game is based on boosting up self-confidence and motivation in your kids. It is a beautifully designed, charming card game made for toddlers. And a great learning game for kindergarten.

The cat in the hat will come to play and everything in the house is a playful thing. It is a fun game where there are a lot of new things to discover. Players will flip three cards to create a new and unique challenge. There are many possibilities, the hilarious ones. Every game is a fun and learning game. Players have to flip over the cards. 1-2-3 and here you go!

This game makes your child alert and polishes up analytical and thinking skills. It involves guessing and action.

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Board games play an important role in your kids’ lives. They boost the overall growth of a child by inculcating in their problem-solving skills, creative skills, analytical skills, motor development and many more basic skills which will help in improving the self-confidence amongst toddlers. This will also motivate them to participate in communications because of the awareness hence making them socially active and bright.

Games should be chosen carefully as they are not only designed to have fun but to learn as well. The choice of the game plays a crucial role in the growth and development of your child. It polishes up many skills which are essential and detrimental to the early years of your child. Games should involve many concepts like fitness, health and wealth and should be of educational importance. Both should be incorporated – fun and learning!

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