5 Fabulous Art and Craft Learning Kits For The Little Artists🎨😍

Art and Craft Learning Kits

When creating an art and crafts project, children are able to develop their fine motor skills. Art also allows your child to expand their essential vocabulary. They’ll learn the names of different shapes, colours, and materials without it seeming like a chore or a memorization exercise. The main purpose is that art gives kids a sense of purpose, especially if they struggle with learning difficulties or social issues.

Here are the 5 best art and craft learning kits for your little artists😍:

 1. Sparklebox 6 In 1 DIY Perfect Art and Craft Box

This box consists of art and craft learning Activities. It is a fun and learning Educational Kit and contains Books. It Includes Paper Crafts, Child-Safe scissors and Glue. Children can use their creative skills to make a DIY paper cup and saucer, lovely paper snail or a rolling paper dog.

Art education is important for children as it helps to focus on the development of creative and imaginative skills. It helps in the cognitive development of toddlers. This box contains high-quality toys which are non-toxic and safe for children.

This box is a complete art and craft kit which consists of all the craft which is required while exercising creativity. It includes craft papers, glue, finger crayons, brushes and much more.

The explanatory videos will help the child to learn art and craft in an easy manner. They will learn proper ways, step by step.

This art and craft kit will help your child in developing sensory skills, integration, imaginative skills and motor development which are very essential for the overall growth and development of a child.

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2. String Art (Sparklebox Kit)

Your child will be able to create designs of their choice with the help of the strings. They will be able to create stunning and attractive designs of their own. There are a number of fun activities that are included in this kit. Some of them are-

  • Colours of the Rainbow
  • Spider’s Web
  • Monster Party
  • Spotty Butterflies
  • Bunch of Grapes
  • Creative Corne

With the help of this art and craft, your child will be able to make the best out of his creative skills. There will be a focus on the development of skills like creativity, emotional intelligence, prosocial behaviour, hand-eye coordination.

Your child will also become more imaginative than before. There will be a boost in the confidence and your child be able to promote self-expression It is a great pack for levelling up creativity amongst toddlers.

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3. Big Craft Kit for Kids Sparklebox (26 in 1)

This kit consists of crafty materials like earbuds, straw, crepe paper, buttons, woollen, feathers, satin ribbon, pompoms, glitters, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, papers, scissors, tape, sticks.

With the help of these, kids will be able to boost their creativity onto another level. Children will be able to exercise their imaginative skills and creative skills.

The material can also be used in their school projects while decorating them and making the projects attractive. The child will become bright. They will improve skills like eye-hand coordination, motor skills and cognitive skills. It is a very attractive gift for kids and they will love using its components.

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4. Tie & Dye Art Kit (By Sparklebox)

A skin-friendly tie and dye art kit is a very attractive kit made for toddlers. It is a perfect set of all the Art Stationery needed for the little artists.

Your child will be able to Dye, Paint, Craft and Create their own unique way of creating. They will Play with colours and designs and let their creative horses run wild, as far as their imagination takes. Children and adults too can enjoy this craft set and an instruction manual is also included for assistance.

This kit brings together art and utility in a seamless fashion for kids. Your kid will be able to decorate their favourite creations at home with the DIY Wall Decors included inside this set.

The list of materials inside the Kit are –

Oil Pastels Paintbrush which is round (size 2), Paintbrush which is round (size 4), Paint Brush which is round (size 6), Paintbrush which is Flat (size 4), Fevicol of 25ml, Scissors, Sketch Pens, Poster colours, Zip bag and a Colour Pallet.

Creating art promotes kids’ ability to interact with the world around them, and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication.

Art, Not only does help to develop the right side of the brain but it also cultivates important and necessary skills that benefit a kid’s development.

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5. 33 in 1 Craft Kit

A fun art kit has a creative manual that will help your child explore more creative ideas. There is a video manual for assistance. There is an art book and a scrapbook which provides an opportunity for kids to exercise their creative skills. They will go beyond imagination to exercise their creativity by using the attractive and colourful components inside this kit.

It can be used for DIY Crafts, Scrapbooking, Project Work, Hobby craft, Art and craft projects, Holiday homework material sets.

This is a Multipurpose Kit with all scrapbooking items and is ideal for both kids and adults. It is perfect for everyone.

It is a great pack for gifting purposes as well.

There is a Free Slime Bottle inside the kit for children to play with. This slime can be Stretched, bounced, squeezed, or even poked. These slimes are super fun and kids love to play with them. It is relaxing and very satisfying for usage purposes. It can even reduce anxiety.

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The benefits of art kits for kids are many. Some of which can be- Bonding Opportunity – Arts and Crafts can provide an opportunity to spend time together as a family. Build Confidence – Arts and Crafts can help kids unwind and feel happier and calmer. Relaxation – Practicing art can be like a form of meditation May Discover Lifelong Passion: Kids may go on to become artists and professional craftspeople.

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