10. Fascism

Derived from the Lain word Fascio (a bundle of wood), fascism express unity, discipline and strength. This term was applied to the regimes of Mussolini and Hitler which were established in 1922 and 1933 in Italy and Germany respectively. Aggressive nationalist, undemocratic, communal, anti-communist regimes, movements and parties are usually called fascist. Fascism is a reactionary and counter-revolutionary theory. Its object is to safeguard the crisis-ridden capitalist socio-economic and political order. It is opposed to democracy, human rights, socialism and any kind of revolutionary change.
Fascism in Europe
The first Fascist state was established on the 28 October 1922, when armed members of Fascist party dressed in black, held a ‘March of Rome’ in Italy under the leadership of Mussolini.
Fascism in Germany
German Fascism evolved under the leadership of Nazi Party, led by Hitler, formed in 1920 on the basis of an attractive and radical 25-point programme.

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